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Notes on a household.

304 Lavaqueresse
Rosalia, Auriel

Ellenore Westbrook owns the building. A former lover, now deceased, helped her to buy it many years ago.

Rita, an outcast from Shiralan colonial society, lives on the third floor.

Gwyneira Westbrook (Ellenore's granddaughter) and Susie Martin (Gwyneira's best friend from art school) live on the second floor.

Anjali is a minor Shiralan goddess. Since Rita does not intend Anjali to replace any other god of the household, Ellenore permits her idol to be added to the chapel on certain occasions.

Elen is a minor deity from whom many human names eventually derive. Although not a part of the household-family pantheon, Ellenore has a small figure of her as a sign of respect.

Thecla and Raziel are minor gods from an obscure part of the Eset-and-Wesir myth-history specific to Lyonnais. Gwyneira has not been permitted to add them to the family altar, but she can keep their idols in her room.

Elnath is a family god worshipped at the Westbrook home. Ellenore inherited him from her father; according to colonial Shiralan custom, she should worship the gods of her husband, but she does not.

Lindor is one of the Traversaris’ family gods. He is also worshipped at the Westbrook home because Ellenore’s longtime lover, himself a Traversari, was instrumental in securing the building for the woman he loved and spent much time living there. Although he is dead, the Traversaris continue to allow Ellenore and her family to pay their respects to Lindor, in part because she has remained closely associated with them.

Sandor is Lindor’s brother-god. This idol was a gift from Ellenore’s lover and was installed in the house during one of the times he lived there. He never removed the idol, and the family has never asked Ellenore to return it.

Hywel is a family god inherited from the twins’ father. They only know his name and form because Ellenore remembered that information about the man her daughter had married. Other than that, they know nothing about him, so his presence is a token of remembrance.