the fire works are illegal

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:56 am
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work up in a knot
I'd fallen asleep on a
a pillow it was awful.
straighted out and slept the pain away.

got a call from Lily.
one less dog in Barking Howler
the neighbor had to help her bull dog die.
gus inherited treats.

found out via her son who was drunk
and there at the night of the fiasco-
drunk they screamed it was their right
to blow up fireworks, and I had no say.

turns out the fireworks they were shooting
in dad's & susan's yard are illegal, the Deputies told them.
think they got a verbal warning.
those expensive buggers that leave the ground.
That's the reason they've not been shooting off more.

I tried to talk to them
I could have called the cops.
and reported 'criminal' activity by a convicted felon.
it takes a weight off me.
but I won't try to talk to them, no apology.
no more trying to be a good neighbor-
they are not friends just selfish drunks.

M has done rescue runs for them-
he'll go back again but no help from me.

they probably went into shock wondering why they
could buy them if it's not legal to blow them up.
probably written in the small print.
the fireworks stores won't tell them that.

Mom called to give mike dr's appointments dates and times.

Stressa was told to stay home from work
her blood pressure was too high making her sick
she's cutting out drinking Coke.

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Jul. 19th, 2017 01:07 am
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Today's wake up call
20 questions
trying to figure out
the fone number mom needed.
first she said it was the dentist
but the position of the shop
was the eye dr.s
never heard back.

made waffles and strawberries for breakfast.
then mini pizzas for dinner.

I've been working on peice work.
the points are a problem

ghosts stories

went to the dog yard and a bunny was in it?
bigger than the dead one sirius let me.

I've been listening to "the elementals"
and the grandmother says "don't you have any scruples?' that made me wonder-
what does a scruple look like?,
Can you gather scruples and put them in a bag
to give them out to people who don't have any?
Can a person gather too many scruples?
when does a scruple become a vice?
Morals fall into the same category, as scruples.
if you have a sampler for a moral what would it be?
would you add your scruples to it?
are people sticklers for scruples?
what shape of critter would a scruple take?

time to crash
sweet dreams world
thank you for the rain
its starting to look like a jungle.
you are beautiful stars
come back moon
don't be shy
we miss you <3
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mike went
out with the dogs.
he was looking to
the nest
and the bush shook
so he backed off.

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the fish is done, not psychic.

Jul. 14th, 2017 02:27 pm
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woken by a
the sneaks
gave the ID
medical clinic.

my heart goes to this person <3 :8^{
there are so many people who don't fit their body suits.
I had a friend who didn't know he was born with both
possibilities, a victum of a dr's choice.
they had a medical procedure
and found there was an ovary left inside.

well its not a purse
fish hat smile for the camera
reluctant model
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yesterday he went to the lake
and started cutting the lawn at the good
neighbor's at his request.
the apple tree reached out and grabbed at him
and pushed his hat over his eyes he did a sharp turn
and the tarp trapped the mower's blades he had to cut it free
then come home to cut it off the blades.
today he's going to tell the land he has permission
to give it a grass cut, it might go better today. grin.

stressa brought us a batch of fruit
what do i do with a batch of mini lemons?
we got plums and good cherries and red/orange peppers.
its the first time in a while she's followed thru
on a promise she waited 2 minutes and ran.
people really expect others to be on the first floor
right inside the door.

this time its not mom on the floor

Jul. 13th, 2017 02:32 am
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reworks of stories.

last nights storms
didn't come till very late.
think theres someone that
has been working very hard to keep
the rain away we watch them disappear
across the Mn boarder or
they split & head north and south.
Then they get worse.
its when the stupid person gets exhausted
we get the weather predicted.

there was a 911 call branches on the power lines
none of the volunteers went- M was too tired.
there was no lines on the ground- not a hazard.

M got a small batch of strawberries from stressa
I discovered them he was thrilled
I found them and rinsed them found she'd
picked out the over ripe ones and a few with mold.
he thought she was being magnanamous -sharing her bounty.
I'd discovered them and was glad I found them & cleaned them before
they got worse. edited the bad ones up and put it in a cake
and sprinkled them with sugar
we had them on the cake for breakfast . yum.

I've been watching a nest in my rutegaria
eggs zoom
was worried they had not made it thru the storm.
I peeked and found 2 of them have hatched !
tiny little pink naked birds with dark blue eyelids
the eyes are half their heads!
no pictures gonna try to put the dogs out the side yard
and avoid going out there it, its officially a nursery.

got it and felt a wet coolness on my neck
and found I had a slug ? a tiny little thing
so delicate and curious. i brought it back outside.

Mike went and started to clean up storm fall at M&D's
its too hot. he came back he'd lost the pager again.
he found it it was under the pile .

I found this on a runway its been rattling in my head
crocheted purse
and I started making a fish decided it need to be a wide mouth fish
the narrow purse is not realistic.
but now its big enough to be a hat. blarg
its huge


2:35 am 
Mom called, dad fell out of bed I can't get him up
can you send mike over? 
M's gone there I'm waiting. 

dad was on all 4's mike could not get him up
-M called for help-2:57 
dad was weak and sweating profusely
but he refused a ride to the  ER.
his vitals were ok once he was back in bed
mom's gonna call to get him a dr appointment tomorrow.

paramedic said it could be drug lag
-left over from his cataract surgery.

only thing he ate today is a bowl of ice cream-?
and its hotter than hell there.
M called 3:01
I stayed out side and helped signal
 the ambulance and first responders
up the driveway.

I found a green tree frog in the road
I did not kiss it, just put him back in the grass

think its time to get serious about going in
and making sure they eat. daily.
not going to let susan's neglect rush them to
being stupid by malnutrition
told death he was late. 

so much for parenting-
Mike's happy he went to be early

working thru the options

Jul. 10th, 2017 04:00 pm
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mike get paid once a year by the fire department
instead of buying a new stove and a water heater.

the house can stay empty
or the niece and her husband can move in.
they can replace crap.
or dad can sell my house to pay off his balloon loan.

we're thinking about using that money for moving.
the truck needs repair on my side on a wheel
think the door stays locked to keep me from riding till its safe.

got to "downsize" the crap of course
but a fire sale might do it.
they Love auctions here and buy crazy crap
but I need to be sneaky.

WE _still_ need to find where. to go.
our extra money has been from the Fire department
if we leave balsam lake- there goes our extra income.
but staying here eliminates my options.

his sisters would be happy to have us come to michigan
but the butthead politic is worse
they have forced people to slaughter their non-gmo animals and destroy crops-
no gardens within so many acres of a commercial farm -
no healthcare for me there like here.

got to go to a community or find more than one friend.
don't think I can handle city life living(noise) or prices right now
I really need friends its been since 2004 and its horrible.

need to fix the escape pod
if nothing else we can use it as a closed trailer
and put our important things in there.

we can leave the crap
dad would not let us get rid of
in the shed and garage and town hall.

M is over fixing mom's computer
just came home to clean it,
it was over heating.
the sister called-
she didn't know she was bringing
dad for his eye surgery tomorrow.
(mom was playing us)
sue- "I thought M was bringing him ?"

""- 7/8bings
goes well with.

I fucked up

Jul. 9th, 2017 04:11 pm
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grin intoxicate!

made the mistake
of trying to talk to the neighbors
who were setting off fireworks.

damn people were drunk.
they were all yelling at me.
I tried talking with the guy who lived there
"please just let me know
before you do fire works.
so I can be prepared
trank the dog.

I totally lost my temper
when the ex roomie came after me
I reached up and grabbed her shoulders
and clawed. then let go
then screamed out of frustration a full out right
non verbal screetch.

I so fucked up
I know to never try to talk to a drunk
don't touch them no matter how
close they get.
I left when the guy who lived there
asked me to leave.

the deputies showed up
I went back and told the deputy
"I needed to apologize"
he told me don't bother
you'll only start more trouble.
talk to them tomorrow.

then he took off.
the other deputy was still talking
to them.
as least they didn't come over here
no he said, they said crap.

I feel so stupid
there's no where to go
to get away from this crap.

I don't know how to get away from here.
I have no idea how we'll ever leave.
we can't leave this state
or where we'd go.
I'm stuck in hell.

my folks got me here
and now they won't accept help.
I don't know how to get away from here.
there's no safe place

of course now after this the storm has stopped.
-my excuse of "you're escalating the dogs panic
is null and void."

300 yards the flat

Jul. 8th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Mike mowed at the lake
and is back at it here.
tore a stupid vine off the fone line
and side of the house.
He helped Dad bring back a load
from the lake yesterday.
I told him he needed to come back for
an emergency run.(excuse to leave dad)
_dad was grabbing every bit of garbage he could.
and he was home long enough to unload the trailer.
the pager went off, a guy was in the ditch.
turns out he had a blow out.
someone speculated he'd been inebriated
and the damn deputy refused to see anything else
and was treating him like a criminal.
even the ambulance crew said we can see the blown tire.
no one should have to a "cooperate" with an angenda.
the cop would be belligerent too if it was his tire that blew.

I've been working on a tablerug.
its size is being determined but a
ball of brown macrame chord
table rug seed-
I'm added 10 rows-3 skeins of 100 gram yarn
and just started 2 more. I was ready for it to have been done.
3 days ago. the flufy layer of green will felt in.
the core

I love these lights

I've made kites like this.

I'm listening to the Inn keeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews.
good for crocheting
I'm itching to do something like this

purse with bobbles from
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