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things Sofia Blackthorne is no longer allowed to do while working on Auriel, and things characters are no longer allowed to do in Auriel

1. I will not rewrite fictional characters to suit my wants. No character is my Mary Sue, and I am not allowed to turn their partners into my ideal partners.

2. It's okay to have an Ambiguously Gay Duo and to play around with subtext on purpose. Hell, it's fun! Having them pass out drunk and half-naked in the same bed is not subtext any more.

3. If he were half as much a mess as I keep trying to write him, he would be dead.

4. She is not a nice girl, and she doesn't have an altruistic bone in her body.

5. I am not allowed to fuse more than three genres in any given chapter.

6. No, really. I am not allowed to mess with any established characters. If I want to write fictional versions of people I know, I have to make new characters.

7. I am not allowed to make new characters "just because."

8. I am also not allowed to make new characters solely for established characters' amusement (in bed).

9. Argent University does not have a theater department or any academic advisors. It does, however, have alchemical labs.

10. If I want to write about an organized crime syndicate running the Eastern Sector, I need to do some research.

11. Osric Schellden is not allowed to arm himself with sharp objects too large to be concealed easily on his person.

12. Osric is also not allowed to talk Lissa Valery into stockpiling canned goods.

13. While Lissa and Osric are not technically allowed to go exploring in the subway tunnels, they will do it anyway.

14. Even though Auriel began with filing off serial numbers, I am no longer allowed to write other people's characters or public personae into the story.

15. No, not even as unnamed background characters.

16. And certainly not as a major character's roommate.

17. I am also not allowed to graft bits of their appearances or personalities or life stories onto otherwise original characters, because that way lies madness and eventual violation of 14 through 16.

18. I don't care how much of a literary trope it is, killing Maeve is not an appropriate way to torment her brother.

19. Naming a subway station Sunday Hill probably means there's a hill in the area. Incorporating topography into the Big Damn Map = *headdesk*

20. I will decide whether a character is a sociopath before I start writing about him.

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